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Eaglewing Address Signs,
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The Eagle is a majestic bird most often associated with its strong vision. To find a house in the dark also requires strong vision, sometimes beyond the capabilities of the human eye. At Eaglewing we plan to spread our vision to make your house easy to find!

Address Sign is Canadian Company

Eaglewing Address Signs is a Canadian owned company.

Eaglewing Address Signs is specializing in the retail sales and service of:

Lighted - Illuminated and Reflective Address Signs. Our objective is to continually supply our customers with personal service and great value.

Our objective is to continually supply our customers with personal service and great value.


ATTENTION: Eaglewing Address Signs now accepts INTERNATIONAL ORDERS:

Hi friends, my name is Mike Jeanes and I am the owner of Eaglewing Enterprises Inc. Back in the early nineties I was doing deliveries for various companies.

Delivery Car

In the course of my deliveries I noticed that it was very difficult to find an unfamiliar address at night
The main reason being poor lighting, but as well, numbers were often obstructed or they were just too small.This happened numerous times as many homes seemed to have the same problem.

At this time I realized there was a huge opportunity in helping homeowners to properly address their homes.
And so, Eaglewing Address Signs was born.
Now Eaglewing Enterprises may be considered a small company by most - we do not have a hugewarehouse, nationwide distributors or a million dollar advertising budget. What we do have is a dedication to our customers. We offer personal service, great value and a guarantee of satisfaction. This is why we have tried to gothat extra mile by searching for the perfect give-away to offer as premium with each order. With each order you will receive some kind of give-away (ie gift certificate). A reward, if you will, for being our customer and with a value of several hundred dollars.

I know that some of you might be a little sceptical of such a great offer but the truth is .... I acquired these bonuses at a very good price and would like to pass them on to you. At Eaglewing Enterprises we believe that customer satisfaction is our # 1 priority.If you are satisfied with your purchase, you will more than likely tell your friends + family and this will lead to many referrals.
As a final note, if you have any concerns or questions regarding our give-aways, our website, or any of our products or yservices feel free to call or email at any time. Even if you just have some advice on how to improve our web site or operations we'd love to hear from you.
Thanks, Mike Jeane

Eaglewing Address Signs
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