Lighted Illuminated Address Signs by Eaglewing. addressing your home and house signs needs since 1997! Is your house or building number always visible? Day or Night Address Signs, Safety Address Signs, Orders Online!

Lighted Address Signs - Illuminated Address Signs

Illuminated Address Signs Led Address Sign

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  • numbers are illuminated red at night, but appear black during the day.
  • these numbers are larger than most addresses as each one measures 5" x 7"
  • Easy to follow installation instructions, hardware included.
  • completely sealed from the elements.
  • once the unit is installed it is totally self-sufficient.Photocell turns the unit on at dusk and off at dawn.
  • energy efficient 24V plug-in transformer.
  • Maintenance free, long-life, light emitting diodes (LEDs)
  • CSA/UL approved



Is your Address visible at night?

  • Have your home stand out with a bright red illuminated address sign and you will be the envy of your neighbourhood.
  • The perfect addition to beautify and illuminate your home<
  • Light the way for service trucks and delivery drivers, taxis and emergency vehicles

Delivery drivers, service people, taxicabs and your visitors will thank you for making it easier to find your home.
But most importantly, emergency vehicles will find you quickly, when it really matters.

Illuminated sign on house

Illuminated House Signs are visible in low light condition and make it easy for anybody to find your house!

Illuminated at night

Even in TOTAL darknes,
Illuminated house signs are clearly visible. Photocell turns the unit on at dusk and on at dawn.

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