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We got our hands on 10 pairs of promotional round trip plane tickets and we will give them to the next 10 people who order a sign from us. These tickets can be used to fly to just about anywhere and have a value of up to $1600.Just make a purchase, right now, of any address sign and we will pick up the airfare tab for your next trip to Hawaii


After ordering a sign and paying either through PAYPAL or by cheque/money order we will send you a link to the travel fulfillment company. Here you will fill out a form to receive your authorization certificate. You will then be required to mail in this certificate and your $20 fee at which time a travel agent will contact you to book your vacation.

There is no catch. They are legitimate, no strings attached tickets that you can use to fly any major airline. There are no blackout dates, you do not ride standby and they are good for 2 years.When you want to redeem the plane ticket offer you will have to book accommodations and pay the travel agency a $ 20 fee to cover the cost of mailing brochures, the shipping, handling and processing of the reservation.

There also may be a minimum stay required, However, the minimum stay will be no longer than a standard vacation and you are not required to stay the amount of days booked. The minimum stay will be no longer than 5 - 7 days. To get the tickets, you have to depart from a US airport and book 60 days in advance.

The travel agency works with every major airline and most major hotel, condo and resort chains and will book the vacation at cost. The travel agency does not tack on any additional profit or fees of any kind.

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