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Thank you for visiting the Brankovsky Tennis School webpage!

There are many methods to learn tennis but the Brankovsky Tennis School Method (BTS) method is Unique, Successful and Worth of trying!

Vlasta Brankovsky is talking about benefits of playing with classical technique!

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  • Tennis and Your Child Booklet for parents. It explains how to prepare children for tennis and any ball game since they are toddlers.
  • Combination: Wall and Tennis Court DVD with manual. Wall Method is very useful from beginners to the advanced players.

Message to the tennis players, coaches, instructors, parents and sports - medicine physicians.

The teaching material I developed  is one of the best in the market and is proven to be successful.
You will not find there just good strokes technique you will find also  flaws in strokes and how to correct them.You will improve your strokes and learn how to cure your tennis injuries.(Tennis elbow, sore wrist, shoulder problem etc.)
What is even more important is - you can do it in a gymnasium during the off season and schools with  gymnasiums are also in small towns You do not need winter tennis facilities.
You will learn strong but effortless, controled and healthy strokes.
Vlasta Brankovsky, Founder, Director and Head Professional of Successful Brankovsky Tennis School can help you.

The Brankovsky Tennis School can help you to play hard tennis strokes without any health problems (tennis elbow, shoulder problem, wrist or lower back pain).

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