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Implants - A solution for missing teeth
Benefits and Risks
Dental Implants The greatest benefit of implants is that they look and feel like natural teeth. Unlike other tooth replacement procedures, implants allow you to eat, talk and laugh with confidence.
Other benefits include:
  • Healthy teeth are not destroyed or ground down
  • Implants do not require clasps secured to healthy teeth
  • Can be used regardless of the quantity & structure of remaining teeth.
Denture patients will benefit with:
  • Confidence in knowing your dentures are secure
  • Improved speech and denture comfort
  • Improved biting pressure which also improves diet, overall health and allows you to eat any food with confidence
  • No need for denture adhesives

There are very few risks associated with implants. Generally any complications are rare and correctable. However, implants do require oral surgery and so there is a risk of infection or complications arising from medications. In addition there is the possibility of damage to nearby muscles, nerves or sinus cavity.

Before deciding on any oral surgery, discuss the risks for your specific condition with your doctor.