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Records show that lager beer was first brewed by Bavarian monks during the fifteenth century and could only be brewed in the winter months. Large-scale production of pilsner lager beer did not begin until 1840 in Munich and Vienna. Lagers, and beers in general, were relatively dark in color because of the alkaline nature of the waters in the brewing centers of the world - Dublin, London, Burton-on-Trent, and Munich - and also because it was not possible to produce a malt of both pale color and full flavor. That situation changed in 1842. A brewery was built in Pilsen ( in Czechoslovakia) to produce traditional, dark Bavarian-style lagers. The water of Pilsen proved to be too soft and too lacking in alkalinity to produce a good dark beer. However, advancements in the science of malting at that time allowed for the production of well-kilned, flavorful malt of low color. This, coupled with Pilsen's extremely soft water, allowed brewers in Pilsen to create a new beer style. Beer from Pilsen proved to be so popular that it was exported to Vienna in 1856, to Paris and London in 1862, and even to America in 1873. Pilsner beer was soon copied by breweries around the world. In fact, Budweiser and Michelob are named for cities in Czechoslovakia known for good beer.
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