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  • Eco - Tourism
    The variety and richness of Greek eco-systems provide a wide range of opportunities for alternative holiday experiences. You can explore woodlands and forests, located not only in the mountainous hinterland but also in some islands or near lakes and rivers. You can watch and wonder at the many rare species of birds nesting or finding refuge in Greece's coastal eco-systems and 360 wetlands (the sandy beaches, dunes and rocky coasts, as well as the river deltas, lagoons and fore-shores), in the hinterland (springs, gorges, rivers, lakes), and in national parks and forests. You can study the extreme diversity of Greek flora. Visit the unique Valley of Butterflies in Rodos Island, or visit the marine parks of Alonissos and Zante, where two rare endangered species, the loggerhead sea-turtle caretta caretta and the Mediterranean seal monachus monachus, find refuge.

    Visitors to ecological sensitive areas will observe proper respect to the protection of the environment from pollution or any nuisance to habitats.

    Information on how to visit specific protected areas can be provided by various local information centers, local authorities and specialized agencies.

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