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  • Diving

    Deep down the seas, in the deep blue, there exists a wonderful unknown world, one of enchanting beauty. The few tha visit it, experience the sensation of being accepted into a silent paradise, filled with infinite forms and colours and myriads of sea species.The greek seas are recorded as the cleanest in the Mediterranean. Thus, diving into the "big blue" of Greece represents a unique experience for those who attempt it, privided they have prior training and special precautions are taken.

    Scuba (Scuba=Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus)diving using the proper equipment is allowed in all sea areas, where there is no specific prohibition for the protection of archeological resources. Any discovery of an ancient object in the course of scuba diving must be immediately reported to the nearest Port Authorities. It is prohibited to bring to the surface or to move objects of archeological or other significance, lacated in the deep. Underwater photography or cinematography is done with thw permission og thw local Port Authorities, granted after the concurrence of the competent Underwater Archeological Findings Inspection dept. of the Ministry for Culture

    The organization responsible for scuba diving is the Greek Federation of Submarine Activity - Sports Fishing and Technical Swimming, under the supervision of the Secretariat General for Sports.

    Greek Federation of Submarine Activity - Sports Fishing and Technical Swimming :
    16604 West Airport Mail Office
    Tel : 210 9819961 / Fax : 210 9817558

    Diving Centres

    There are numerous scuba diving centers operating in Greece, as well as scuba diving schools, while there are also scuba diving vessels that combine a holiday with scuba diving and offer an infinite variety of sights both in and out of water


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