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The picture shows a place to relax in the Yorkville Park on Cumberland Street, situated in the middle of Yorkville
Village in Toronto
. Enjoy here the shade in the middle of hot summer day, right in Uptown Toronto.
Dine in many of prime Yorkville, Toronto Restaurants and Cafes.
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The Commemorative Plaque seen on the picture above is placed in the Yorkville Park and reads

Village of Yorkville:
Bud Sugerman
Bud Sugerman was instrumental into the transformation of this site, formerly a parking lot into one of the Toronto's
favourite public parks.. For his accomplishments, including this park, the villagers happily dubbed him
"Mayor of Yorkville". The Marker was unveiled by Toronto Yorkville business improvement Area to commemorate
the 150th Anniversary of the Incorporation of Village of Yorkville!

When this region was settled at the start of the 19 century a group of setllers came together with a dream of creating
a real community. The dream was realized with the incorporation of the Village of Yorkville in 1853. One of those who
continued the vision in the 20th century was Budd Sugerman. He fell in love with the village, when he establish his
interior design practice in Yorkville in the late 1940s. From the 70's into new century his passion for the area expressed
itself in the long battles to protect the unique aspect of the village. Along with preservation his efforts extended to
beautifying the old buildings and narrow streets Bud Sugarman was instrumental into the transformation of this site.


Yorkville Avenue, site of the original
Yorkville Town Hall.
Bellair Street view in Yorkville. Restaurant on Yorkville Avenue.
Hazelton Lane looking north! Yorkville Avenue, east view. Yorkville Lane, a mural with history
to tell.
Yorkville Avenue in Toronto . Yorkville Park, a place
to relax and enjoy.
Fashionable restaurants and stores
on the north side of Cumberland Street
and Yorkville Park on the south side.

An Ice Car can be seen on the
Yorkville Street during
the seasonal Ice Fest in Yorkville, Toronto!
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strike anytime. Friendly people at Abrams
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Ice Fest and Beautiful ice sculpters in the
Yorkville, Toronto!
Remember them in the heat of the summer!


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